Q & A: 

What is sexual abuse?  

Sexual abuse is any contact or interaction (visual, verbal or psychological) between a minor and an adult, when the minor is being used for sexual stimualation of the perpetrator. Sexual abuse can also be committed by someone under 18 or in a position of power over the victim. 



Will I get better?

The worst part, the abuse, is over. Now your next step is to surround yourself with supportive loving people, and focus on the desire you have to heal yourself. This is your process. You must be gentle and patient with yourself as your healing process gently unfolds. You are giving yourself the gift of coming to life, again.


Is this retreat confidential? 

Absolutely. We are committed to maintaining and ensuring your safety and confidentiality.

Was I abused?  

Pay attention to your feelings and follow your gut. A lot of victims of sexual abuse tend to block out memories they have of the incident only to be triggered by painful reminders: specific sounds, smells, words and facial expressions. If you suspect that you were sexually abused, you probably were. Trust you feelings and memories.



What is the cost to attend? 


The cost to attend is $15 per session which includes lunch. If you do not have the financial means, please do not let that deter you from attending. We will not turn anyone away.

Why do I have to deal with it now if it happened back then? 

There are many reasons why children do not deal with the abuse at the time of the incident: unconscious feelings of shame, disbelief, self blame. Abusers may also threaten or bribe children into not speaking up, convincing the child that it is indeed their fault, and that they will never be believed otherwise. These tactics are used to silence the child. Under no circumstances, is the child to blame for the abuse. Although, if the abuse is not dealt with in a therapeutic and healing setting, the effects of past abuse will remain and undermine the victim for years to come. '


You are not alone, and in fact, in recognizing what has happened to you and speaking about your experience is one of the most vital components in the healing process. You have already taken a giant step. If you think that you have been a victim of sexual abuse, you need to take action immediately so your life will not be undermined by the past one day more. Get help.