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"In the Wildflowers" retreat is based on: 


             * a curriculum which is comprised of a 10 part DVD series accompanied by                        a  workbook. 


             *is facilitated by mental health professionals who specialize in childhood

               sexual abuse 

             * each video session includes commentary by Christian counseling          

               professionals who address each stage in the healing process


                 Session 1: Listening to the Stories

                 Session 2: Journey of Hearts

                 Session 3: Releasing the Shame

                 Session 4: Messages and Self Identity

                 Session 5: Deeper into the Journey of the Heart

                 Session 6: Healing Mother and Father Wounds

                 Session 7: Accepting Responsibility for Healing

                 Session 8: Cultivating Forgiveness

                 Session 9: Discovering Personal Identity and the Beauty of Feminine


                 Session 10: Healing through God's Love & Ministering to Others










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Cathy Hayter